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  1. In Time:

    • "In time" typically refers to doing something before a deadline or before a particular event occurs, implying that there is sufficient time to complete the action.
    • Example: "He arrived in time for the meeting." Here, "in time" suggests that he arrived before the meeting started or before it was too late.
    • Example: "We finished packing in time for our flight." In this sentence, "in time" indicates that the packing was completed before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  2. On Time:

    • "On time" refers to doing something at the designated or expected time, without being late.
    • Example: "The train arrived on time." Here, "on time" means that the train arrived at the scheduled time.
    • Example: "Please make sure to submit your assignment on time." In this sentence, "on time" implies that the assignment should be submitted by the specified deadline.

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